CUE Splitting

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This article describes how to split audio file basing on CUE metadata.


Probably you need this bundle:

 pacman -S cuetools shntool flac wavpack mac mp3info vorbis-tools

If you want to split iso/bin files, you will also need bchunk:

 pacman -S bchunk


To split APE or WavPack files, use:

 cuebreakpoints file.cue | shntool split file.ape


 cuebreakpoints file.cue | shntool split file.wv

it produces .wav files

Then you probably want to convert them into OGG or MP3. See Convert Any To Mp3 for example.

To split bin/cue files, use:

 bchunk -v -w file.bin file.cue out

This will split file.bin according to file.cue, and produce out01.wav, out02.wav, etc.


Use file.cue track01.mp3 track02.mp3 track03.mp3 track04.mp3

or file.cue *.mp3

to copy tags from CUE to MP3. supports FLAC, OGG and MP3 tags. is included with cuetools.

Splitting, Converting to FLAC, and Tagging

Split a single FLAC using CUE

  • install shntool cuetools
  • shntool split -f *.cue -o flac *.flac
  • *.cue split-track*.flac

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