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CVE-id package/version Date public Update/bug Fixed version Time vulnerable
CVE-2014-0368 CVE-2014-0373 CVE-2014-0376 CVE-2014-0411 CVE-2014-0416 CVE-2014-0422 CVE-2014-0423 CVE-2014-0428 *-openjdk-* 15/01/2014 2d
CVE-2014-1402 python-jinja 10/01/2014 1d
CVE-2013-6462 libxfont 07/01/2014 0d
CVE-2014-1235 graphviz 07/01/2014 FS#38441 3d
CVE-2014-0978 freerdp 02/01/2013 FS#38802