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zh-CN:CacheClean Cacheclean is python script to clean /var/cache/pacman/pkg allowing users to specify how many package versions should be retained. In function, it is similar to pacman -Sc except users select how many old versions to keep. Another difference is unlike, pacman -Sc cacheclean does not discriminate against packages that are not currently installed as it inspects /var/cache/pacman/pkg.


AUR package: cachecleanAUR


cacheclean {-p} {-v} <# of copies to keep>
	# of copies to keep - (required) how many generations of each package to keep
	-p - (optional) preview what would be deleted; forces verbose (-v) mode.
	-v - (optional) show deleted packages.


For those wishing to contribute, the script's source code is hosted in this github repository. To simplify updates, please fork and send a pull request with updates/changes.

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