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Template:Article summary start Template:Article summary text Template:Article summary heading Template:Article summary wiki Template:Article summary wiki Template:Article summary end Cairo Composite Manager is a versatile and extensible composite manager which uses cairo for rendering. Plugins can be used to add some cool effects to your desktop. It's capable of, but not limited to, rendering of drop shadows, setting window transparency, menu and window animations, and applying decorations.

Like Xcompmgr, it does not replace an existing window manager, which makes it ideal for users of lightweight window managers, like Openbox and Fluxbox, who seek a more elegant desktop.


Cairo Compmgr is no longer available in the official repositories. The development version is available as cairo-compmgr-gitAUR from the AUR.

There are no errors on compile with removed gconf, and it runs fine. However, it is not possible to remove dependency on vala as it will not compile in that case. If you remove gconf, you need to remove the last 3 lines in PKGBUILD, the ones mentioning gconf.


To start Cairo Composite Manager, simply run:

$ cairo-compmgr 

If it runs for a few seconds and then crashes taking the terminal with it, open the Cairo Composite Manager and disable the 'Freeze' plugin:

$ cairo-compmgr --configure

To have it load every time you start X, you can add it to your ~/.xinitrc :

cairo-compmgr &

Once started, Cairo Composite Manager installs itself in your systray and you can configure it by by right-clicking the systray icon.

If you just want Xcompmgr's behaviour, you can disable a lot of the plugins straightaway. Be patient while Cairo Composite Manager unloads a plugin, it might stall your screen for a moment.

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