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== Introduction ==
A number of  Canon multi function printers/faxes are based on Canon's proprietary Canon Advanced Raster Printing System (CARPS) driver. [http://www.rainbow-software.org/2014/01/23/cups-driver-for-canon-carps-printers/ Rainbow Software] have managed to reverse engineer the CARPS data format and have successfully created a CARPS CUPS driver.
The following models are reported to work:
*imageCLASS D300
In addition, I have successfully used this driver with the MF5630, which is listed as ''Should work'' on the project's [https://github.com/ondrej-zary/carps-cups GitHub] page.
The following models ''should'' work but have not been tested by the developer:
Please note that I have only been able to test this driver with the MF5630, which works perfectly. Your mileage may vary with the other models.
== Requirements ==
Ensure you have installed the following packages from the [[official repositories]]:
Optionally you may wish to install {{Pkg|system-config-printer}}
For information about installing and configuring CUPS, please refer to [[CUPS]].
== Installation ==
Install {{AUR|carps-cups}} from the [[AUR]] and restart CUPS
  # systemctl restart cups.service
== Configuration ==
You can now install your printer in CUPS, either using the [http://localhost:631 web interface] or one of the [[CUPS#Alternative CUPS interfaces|alternative CUPS interfaces]]. The supported models will now be available when selecting Canon as the manufacturer.
== Troubleshooting ==
The MF5730 and D320 are reported to only print the first document until the printer is turned off and on again.
The solution is to set the printer URI to the usblp device, e.g. ''file:///dev/usb/lp0''. For this to work, file: device URIs must be enabled in {{ic|/etc/cups/cups-files.conf}}
FileDevice Yes
== Further reading ==
[https://github.com/ondrej-zary/carps-cups CUPS driver for Canon CARPS printers]

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