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This page provides an overview of the Arch servers and their functions. Details can be found in the respective links for each server. We currently have two phyical server machines:

Main development server (formerly gerolde)

This is a Dual-Xeon 2.8GHz server with 16GB of memory and a 2x300GB software RAID 1 array. It has been bought with Arch donation money and is currently located at velocity, who also donate the power and bandwidth. It runs a Xen hypervisor with the following hosts:

This is the Xen dom0 for the development server. It runs a Debian system with the Debian Xen kernel, as Arch does not maintain a stable Xen kernel. It has no public services. ssh access is limited to a small number of IP addresses and only Thomas, Aaron, Jan and Dale have access to it.

It bridges the physical ethernet interface with the virtual interfaces of the Xen domU instances and runs an IP-based firewall.

This is the main development server. It runs Arch Linux with a modified kernel26 package with pv_ops/Xen support added.

DNS aliases:,,

It offers the following public services:

  • ssh(openssh): All developers have ssh access to this machine.
  • rsync(rsyncd): Public mirrors (whitelisted by IP address) can synchronize the FTP directory. Anyone can synchronize the ABS tree.
  • smtp(postfix): SMTP server for the and domains
  • http(lighttpd): All developers have direct access to the FTP directory via HTTP (static content only) - this is password-protected, users must use the mirrors.

Developers use this server to maintain the package repositories, the corresponding packages subversion repository and access the git repositories for their various arch-related projects.

This is the main web server. It runs Arch Linux with Arch's own kernel. Only developers who maintain web applications have ssh access. The ssh port is only open to gerolde.

DNS aliases:,,,,,,,,

It offers the following public services:

  • http(apache): Hosts the following websites:
    • Main Arch website - uses python/django and a few static html pages
    • Mailing list configuration, subscription and archives - uses mailman
    • Forums - uses fluxbb(php)
    • Arch Wiki - uses mediawiki(php)
    • Access to the git repositories - uses cgit
    • Feeds from Arch-related blogs - uses static html pages
    • Access to the packages and community subversion repositories - uses websvn
    • Bugtracker - uses flyspray(php)
  • svn(xinetd/svnserve): Public subversion access
  • git(xinetd/git-daemon): Public git access

Resource Allocation

Because this box is servicing multiple VMs, the resources allocated to each are not static. Here is how the box is currently divided up:

  • dom0: 512 MB RAM, 4 CPUs, 4GB disk
  • gerolde: 9493 MB RAM, 4 CPUs, 193 GB disk
  • gudrun: 6145 MB RAM, 4 CPUs, 30 GB disk

Trusted User / Releng server (sigurd)

This is a Pentium D dual core 3.40GHz server with 4GB of memory and a 2x160GB software RAID 1 array. The machine is being donated by SevenL networks. It runs Arch Linux.

DNS aliases:,,,

It offers the following public services:

  • ssh(openssh): All trusted users and release engineers have ssh access to this machine.
  • http(lighttpd): To host several websites (see below)

  • trusted user development server.
    • websites:
      • The AUR - uses php
      • apparently nothing
  • releng server.
    • chroots, one for each architecture. with latest archiso and needed tools to build images.
    • websites:
      • test ISOs and aif packages, only static content
      • bit torrent(opentracker): Bit Torrent tracker for the Arch Linux ISO images

Other servers

We can always use more of course for our world domination plans! Right now our infrastructure is mostly contained to the above-mentioned servers, but there are a few specialty things running elsewhere.

This server is hosted on Dan's slice. It runs an instance of munin, which collects various stats from the three main servers (gerolde, gudrun. sigurd) in the domain. If you need access to any of this information and are a developer, get in contact with someone that does server administration.

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