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This page provides information over the Arch servers and their functions. We currently have two phyical server machines:

Main development server (formerly gerolde)

This is a Dual-Xeon 2.8GHz server with 16GB of memory and a 2x300GB software RAID 1 array. It has been bought with Arch donation money and is currently located at velocity, who also donate the power and bandwidth. It is running a Xen hypervisor with the following virtual machines:

This is the Xen dom0 for the development server. It runs a Debian system with the Debian Xen kernel, as Arch does not maintain a stable Xen kernel. It has no public services. ssh access is limited to a small number of IP addresses and only Thomas, Dan, Jan and Dale have access to it.

It bridges the physical ethernet interface with the virtual interfaces of the Xen domU instances and runs an IP-based firewall.

Trusted User server (sigurd)

This is a Pentium D dual core 3.40GHz server with 3GB of memory and a 2x160GB software RAID 1 array. The machine is being donated by SevenL networks. It is running Arch Linux.

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