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'''Welcome to the ArchWiki.''' This is the English section. __NOTOC__ __NOEDITSECTION__
[[Table of Contents]]
[[Main Page|Lost?]]
== [[:Category:About Arch|About Arch]] ==
'''Learn about the Arch Linux system, its philosophy, and the community behind it.'''
Highlights: [[Arch Linux]], [[The Arch Way]], [[FAQ]]
== [[:Category:Getting and installing Arch|Getting and installing Arch]] ==
'''This section covers downloading and installing Arch Linux. It will explain the historical background, basic installation steps, and provide information on Arch Linux releases.'''
Highlights: [[Beginners' Guide]], [[Installation Guide]]
== [[:Category:System administration|System administration]] ==
'''This is a section dealing with system administrative tasks: day-to-day configuration of [[:Category:Applications|software]] and [[:Category:Hardware|hardware]] components of an Arch Linux system, [[:Category:Networking|networking]] and [[:Category:Security|security]].'''
Highlights: [[pacman]], [[Xorg]], [[Kernel Compilation]], [[Configuring Network]], [[List of Applications]], [[Compiz]], [[Firefox]], [[LibreOffice]]
== [[:Category:System recovery|System recovery]] ==
'''Are you in trouble? Crashed your Arch Linux box? Can't boot the system? Take a look at this section for articles on system recovery.'''
Highlights: [[GRUB]], [[GParted]], [[Password Recovery]]

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