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Bienvenido a la ArchWiki. Esta es la sección en Español.

Tabla de Contenidos

Perdido? Vea Como Empezar (Español).

Acerca de Arch

Learn about the Arch Linux system, its philosophy, and the community behind it.

Highlights: Arch Linux, The Arch Way (Español), FAQ

Obteniendo e instalando Arch

This section covers downloading and installing Arch Linux. It will explain the historical background, basic installation steps, and provide information on Arch Linux releases.

Highlights: Beginners' Guide (Español), Official Arch Linux Install Guide (Español), Quick Arch Linux Install (Español)

Administración del sistema

This is a section dealing with system administrative tasks: day-to-day configuration of software and hardware components of an Arch Linux system, networking and security.

Highlights: pacman, Xorg, Kernel Compilation (Español), Configuring Network (Español), Common Applications (Español), Lightweight Applications (Español)

Recuperación del sistema

Are you in trouble? Crashed your Arch Linux box? Can't boot the system? Take a look at this section for articles on system recovery.

Highlights: GRUB, GParted, Password Recovery (Español)

Desarrollo de Arch

This section is intended for developers that want to participate in developing and improving Arch Linux. It contains technical information on various aspects of Arch Linux system.

Highlights: Arch User Repository (Español), Arch Build System (Español), Bug Squashing Day (Español)

Sistemas Live Arch

This sections discusses Live Arch systems. Learn how to build a live Arch system and find out about existing projects.

Highlights: Chakra, Larch

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