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Highlights: [[Groups]], [[LUKS Encrypted Root]]
Highlights: [[Groups]], [[LUKS Encrypted Root]]
== [[:Category:Applications|Software]] ==
'''Package and repository management, installing and configuring system software components.'''
Highlights: [[GNOME]], [[KDE]], [[pacman]]

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Reason: This page does not reflect the current category tree anymore. (Discuss in Category talk:System administration#)


Installing and configuring hardware devices.

Highlights: Arch64 FAQ, lm sensors, Persistent block device naming


This subsection contains articles on how to compile/modify/boot the Arch Linux kernels.

Highlights: Kernel Compilation, mkinitcpio


Setting up and maintaining network devices and networks.

Highlights: Configuring Network, Samba


Securing the system. Resources on system and network security, and recovering from security breaches.

Highlights: Groups, LUKS Encrypted Root