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Installing Cjdns

To install Cjdns on Archlinux, build the package from the AUR using the normal installation procedure for AUR PKGBUILDS or use an AUR client such as Yaourt, and use it to install the cjdns-git package by running:

 $ yaourt -S cjdns-git

If you don't already have one, generate a new cjdroute.conf in the /etc directory by running next command as root:

 # cjdroute --genconf > /etc/cjdroute.conf

Edit /etc/cjdroute.conf to add peers and make any other changes necessary. You may also want to configure logging in /etc/default/cjdns and /etc/conf.d/cjdwebadmin.

Starting Cjdns

You can start Cjdns by running:

 $ sudo systemctl start cjdns

This will start cjdns and cjdnsadmin services. If all went well, Cjdns should have started cleanly; if it didn't, you should probably make some checks for errors and edit /etc/cjdroute.conf if needed:

 $ sudo systemctl status cjdns
 $ sudo journalctl -u cjdns