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Clam AV installation

  • Grab it
    pacman -Sy clamav
  • Configure it
    1. Edit /etc/clamav/clamd.conf, /etc/clamav/freshclam.conf and comment out the Example flag
    2. Edit /etc/conf.d/clamav and change the start options from "no" to "yes"
# change these to "yes" to start
  • Edit /etc/rc.conf and write clamav into the list of daemons, if you like to start clamav automaticaly when booting.

ClamAV errors & solutions

  • If you get the following messages after running freshclam:
WARNING: Clamd was NOT notified: Can't connect to clamd through /var/lib/clamav/clamd.sock
connect(): No such file or directory

==> Run the following commands as root:

# touch /var/lib/clamav/clamd.sock
# chown clamav:clamav /var/lib/clamav/clamd.sock

  • If you get the next error when starting /etc/rc.d/clamav:
LibClamAV Error: cli_loaddb(): No supported database files found in /var/lib/clamav
ERROR: Not supported data format

==> Just try to run freshclam as root:

freshclam -v