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{{Article summary text|This article gives information on using and contributing to Arch Classroom, an Arch User p2p knowledge sharing project.}}
{{Article summary text|This article gives information on using and contributing to Arch Classroom, an Arch User p2p knowledge sharing project.}}
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{{Article summary heading|Related}}
{{Article summary wiki|https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom Ubuntu Classroom}}
{{Article summary link|Ubuntu Classroom|https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom}}
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Arch Classroom is a project to develop and host teaching materials that can be used by the wider Arch Linux community. These class materials can then be used by anyone with the will and knowledge to teach a class. The goal of Arch Classroom is to help increase the knowledge base of our users, and give resources to teachers. Classes are made to be taught either in person or online through a chat medium like IRC.

To get involved with Arch Classroom, try adding to the Arch wiki documentation, creating a class lesson plan, or using the materials hosted here to teach a class. If you are interested in taking a class on a particular topic, make requests on the Arch Linux Forums, in the Arch mailing list or in the Classroom discussion page.

Class List

list of all classes that are created

Beginners Guide to Package Maintaining

Bash Scripting 101

How to Pity the Fool: A Mr. T philosophy course

Beginners Guide to C++

How to Create a Lesson Plan

Start your lesson plan with a goal or objective in mind. What should students be expected to learn in this class? Decide what sort of students you are targeting -- Beginning Linux users or People familiar with particular software, etc. Make a materials list with all the software requirements the class will need, and a list of prerequisites with the knowledge students should have before taking the class. Create lesson plans with topics of discussion, reading lists, and activities that help to achieve the goal of the class. Classes may be in a reading and lecture format, group discussion, or independent activities. Choose a format that will best suit the information you are teaching. A programming class could be taught with a series of follow by example lectures plus some group problem solving. A class on the history of Linux and free open source software could be reading and discussion based.

Upcoming Classes

Arch Linux Women is currently trying to organize a class on package maintaining. For more information go to #archlinux-women @ irc.freenode.net

Previous Classes

Links to classes that have already happened (maybe students and teachers could write up some info on the experience, similar to the arch con pages)