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[[Category:Package Management (简体中文)]]
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{{i18n_entry|简体中文|让 Pacman 的输出带有色彩}}
== Colorizing the output of pacman ==
== Colorizing the output of pacman ==

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Colorizing the output of pacman

Now that makepkg has colorized output, why not pacman as well? Gentoo's package manager application named 'emerge' uses colors extensively, and as you can see in this screenshot, it greatly enhances readability.


User citral uses the following script in his .bashrc:

alias pacs="pacsearch"
pacsearch () {
       echo -e "$(pacman -Ss $@ | sed \
       -e 's#current/.*#\\033[1;31m&\\033[0;37m#g' \
       -e 's#extra/.*#\\033[0;32m&\\033[0;37m#g' \
       -e 's#community/.*#\\033[1;35m&\\033[0;37m#g' \
       -e 's#^.*/.* [0-9].*#\\033[0;36m&\\033[0;37m#g' )"


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