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[[Category:Command shells (English)]]
#REDIRECT [[List of Applications]]
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This page serves as a list of console applications.
*'''System monitor'''
:top, [[htop]], [[powertop]], wavemon(wi-fi)
:See [[Common Applications#Text Editors]].
*'''File Manager'''
:mc, pilot (comes with alpine package), [[vifm]], [[ranger]]
*'''Window Manager'''
:[[screen]], dvtm, tmux
*'''Audio player'''
:cmus, [[moc]], [[mpd]], cplay, mpg123, ncmpc, ncmpcpp, pytone
*'''Web Browser'''
:w3m, lynx, links, [[elinks]]
*'''Email client'''
:See [[Common Applications#Email clients]].
*'''RSS News Reader'''
:newsbeuter, snownews, canto, rawdog
*'''IM Client'''
:mcabber (Jabber), [[bitlbee]] (multi), finch (multi), [http://dev.ojnk.net/ pork] (multi), freetalk, barnowl, centerim, centericq
*'''IRC Clients'''
:[[irssi]], weechat, ircII, tinyirc, sic, II
*'''Torrenting Client'''
:[[rtorrent]], transmission-cli
*'''CD/DVD Tools:'''
:growisofs, bashburn
*'''Personal Information Manager'''
:tasks, remind, wyrd, tudu, doneyet, calcurse, emacs (with [http://orgmode.org/ org-mode])

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