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This page serves as a list of console applications.

  • System monitor: top, htop, powertop, wavemon(wi-fi)
  • Editor: nano, vim, emacs, joe
  • File Manager: mc, pilot (comes with alpine package), vifm
  • Window Manager: screen, dvtm, tmux
  • Audio player: cmus, moc, mpd, cplay, mpg123, ncmpc, ncmpcpp, pytone
  • Web Browser: w3m, lynx, links, elinks
  • Email client: mutt, alpine
  • RSS News Reader: newsbeuter, snownews, canto, rawdog
  • IM Client: mcabber (Jabber), bitlbee (multi), finch (multi), pork (multi), freetalk, barnowl, centerim, centericq
  • IRC Clients: irssi, weechat, ircII, tinyirc, sic, II
  • Torrenting Client: rtorrent, transmission-cli
  • CD/DVD Tools: growisofs bashburn
  • Personal Information Manager: task, remind, wyrd, tudu, doneyet, calcurse, emacs (with org-mode)