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[[Category:Arch development (English)]]
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== Overview ==
Arch has a vital and active community of software developers and contributing projects. <br>
If you have a project you would like to link to, this is a great place to do it. Include a link to your project, the date your project started, and a brief (one or two sentence) description of your project. Please sort projects alphabetically, breaking out into a category pages when needed. Categories should also be alphabetically listed.
All projects listed here are Community projects. None of these projects are considered '''''official''''' Arch projects.
== Categories ==
* [[AUR Helpers]] -- Utilities to aid end users in using the AUR.
* [[Arch-based_Distros]] -- Other distros based off of Arch Linux.
* [[Pacman GUI Frontends]] -- Graphical frontends for pacman.
* [[Other]] -- Projects that don't quite fit into any existing category.

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