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[[Category:Arch development (English)]]
#REDIRECT [[Getting Involved#AUR & Community Projects]]
[[Category:General (English)]]
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== Overview ==
Arch has a vital and active community of software developers and contributing projects.
If you have a project you would like to link to, this is a great place to do it. Include a link to your project, the date your project started, and a brief (one or two sentence) description of your project. Please sort projects alphabetically, breaking out into a category pages when needed. Categories should also be alphabetically listed.
All projects listed here are Community projects. None of these projects are considered '''''official''''' Arch projects.
== Categories ==
* [[AUR Helpers]]
:Utilities to aid end users in using the [[AUR]]
* [[Arch-based Distros]]
:Other distros based on Arch Linux
* [[Pacman GUI Frontends]]
:Graphical frontends for [[pacman]]
== Other ==
Projects that don't quite fit into any existing category
* [http://archaudio.org ArchAudio]
:A third-party package repository and online discussion board for Arch Linux pro-audio users
* [http://arch-games.twilightlair.net Arch Linux Gaming Repository]
:A collection of some of the popular games in [unsupported], to save archers compilation time. They've also patched up many broken games that wouldn't compile.
* [http://qdb.archuser.com Arch Quote Database]
:A collection of humorous quotes from [[irc|#archlinux]]
* [http://archuser.com Arch User Magazine]
:Self explanatory
* [[ArchMap]]
:Google Earth Arch user map
* [http://archlinux.us ArchLinux.us]
:@archlinux.us emails, Gmail based. 500 accounts left
* [http://archlinux.me ArchLinux.me]
:Arch Linux Blogs
* [http://archlinux.mobi Archlinux.mobi]
:Mobile access to the @archlinux.us emails
* [[Namcap Reports]]
:namcap is an utility for Arch Linux which helps in automatic detection of common mistakes and errors in PKGBUILDs. This page is an automatically generated report obtained after running namcap against the core, extra and community trees. The URI of namcap-reports is: http://abhidg.mine.nu/arch/namcap-reports/
* [http://arch-osx.twilightlair.net Pacman on OS X]
:Package Management for OS X via pacman
* [http://xyne.archlinux.ca Xyne's Arch Linux Stuff]
:Xyne's contributions to the Arch Linux community
* [http://www.github.com/sebnow/parched Parched]
:An ALPM package and PKGBUILD parser in Python
* [http://www.archserver.org ArchServer Project]
:Making Arch suitable for server use

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