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[[Category:Arch development (English)]]
[[Category:Arch development (English)]]
[[Category:General (English)]]
[[Category:General (English)]]
==Potential candidates for [community] repo==
The AUR now allows one to sort via votes. Please use that to get a list of popular package in unsupported.
'''TU: Before including these packages in the [community] repo, make sure that it is permitted by the license.'''
'''TU: Before including these packages in the [community] repo, make sure that it is permitted by the license.'''
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|freevo        || 35-40 ||  An open-source home theatre PC platform
|tremulous || 30-35 ||  An online team based FPS/RTS hybrid game based on the Quake3 Engine
|nvu-kde || 25-30 ||  A Dreamweaver style WYSIWYG web editor with kdemimetypes
|quake3-icculus-svn || 25-30 ||  Quake3 Engine. You need the retail or demo .pk3 files to play.
|warsow || 25-30 ||  Free multiplayer FPS based on the Qfusion engine
|kernel26emission         || 25-30 ||  The Linux Kernel and modules, with E-Mission patchset.
|fusesmb         || 25-30 ||  SMB for FUSE is a Samba shares filesystem
|picasa || 25-30 ||  Picasa is software that helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC.
|bmp-docklet || 20-25 ||  bmp-docklet is a plugin for the Beep Media Player. It displays an icon in your systemtray and allows several tasks like play/pau
|mp3gain || 20-25 ||  MP3gain
|noip                 || 20-25 ||  A Dynamic DNS Client Updater for no-ip.com services
|par2cmdline || 20-25 ||  Providing a tool to apply the data-recovery capability concepts of RAID-like systems to the posting & recovery of multi-part arc
|klibido                || 20-25 ||  KLibido - the KDE Linux Binaries Downloader
|dvdshrink || 20-25 ||  Create fair-use archival copies of DVD content on single-layer writable DVDs.
|quake3-svn || 20-25 ||  Quake III Arena Engine. You'll need the pk3 files to play this.
|true-combat        || 20-25 ||  True Combat: Elite (TCE) is a completely free, realistic, team-based modification for Enemy Territory.
|compiz-git        || 20-25 ||  Composite and window manager for Xgl
|encfs        || 20-25 || Encrypted filesystem in user-space
==Packages that will remain in unsupported==
==Packages that will remain in unsupported==

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The AUR now allows one to sort via votes. Please use that to get a list of popular package in unsupported. TU: Before including these packages in the [community] repo, make sure that it is permitted by the license.

Packages that will remain in unsupported

Name Description Reason
aurbuild A utility to build and install packages from AUR. Automatically installs unsupported packages.
cedega A program that lets you play Windows games in Linux License restriction.
enemy-territory Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory multiplayer FPS License restriction.
google-earth A 3D interface to the planet Earth License restriction.
kopete Kopete, the KDE Instant Messenger Included in the kdenetwork package which is in the [extra] repo.
qpkg Search for packages in *all* known repositories and in AUR, install or update packages directly from AUR! Automatically installs unsupported packages.
realplayer Real Media Player produced by RealNetworks License restriction.
unace unace is an extraction tool for the proprietary ace archive format License restriction.
vmware-workstation Virtual machine (x86) software License restriction.
yaourt Yet another Archlinux package manager wrapper Automatically installs unsupported packages.

Orphaned [community] packages

Name Votes Description
addresses 0-5 A versatile address book application for GNUstep
agave 5-10 An colorscheme designer for the Gnome desktop
apcupsd 0-5 Apcupsd can be used for power mangement and controlling most of APC's UPS models on Unix and Windows machines.
apg 5-10 Automated Password Generator.
arc 0-5 This is a Linux port of SEA arc for MS-DOS
arch-artwork 5-10 collection of artwork related to Arch
basilisk 5-10 A free, portable Mac II emulator with JIT compiler
checkgmail 5-10 CheckGmail is an alternative Gmail Notifier for Linux and other *nix systems.
clearsilver 0-5 clearsilver is a fast, powerful, and language-neutral HTML template system
dfm 0-5 A graphical file manager including desktop icons
e-uae 0-5 The Unix Amiga Emulator -- Experimental/active tree
festival-gaim 0-5 A gaim plugin that speaks messages using festival
fvwm-themes-devel 0-5 Development themes for fvwm
gaim-xmms 0-5 A gaim plugin to display current XMMS song
gcursor 0-5 A mouse cursor selector for Gnome.
gnumail 0-5 A complete and fast mail application for GNUstep
gnustep-back 0-5 The GNUstep GUI Backend
gnustep-base 0-5 The GNUstep base package
gnustep-gui 0-5 The GNUstep GUI class library
gnustep-make 0-5 The GNUstep make package
gtweakui 10-15 A collection of front ends to various gconf configurations.
icomplete 0-5 icomplete is a command line program, which lists possible completions for a certain position in a source code
id-utils 0-5 A package of language independent tools that indexes program identifiers, literal numbers, or words of human-readable text.
linux-howtos 0-5 Documentation on many tasks relating to Linux setup and operation.
mozplugger 5-10 A Mozilla & Firefox multimedia plugin.
mudmagic 0-5 A GTK2 mud client with automapper
pantomime 0-5 A set of Objective-C classes that model a mail system
procstatd 0-5 A daemon that can be run either from userspace or inetd that can be queried via a simple API to parse various files in /proc
pwmanager 0-5 With PwManager you can easily manage your passwords
pwsafe 5-10 A commandline program for managing encrypted password databases
pygopherd 0-5 A modern Gopher server and HTTP gateway
pymusepack 0-5 A python module that interfaces with musepack
pyzor 0-5 collaborative, networked system to detect and block spam using identifying digests of messages.
schism 0-5 Schism Tracker -- a faithful clone of the Good Old Impulse Tracker.
scorched3d 5-10 A 3d artillery combat game
shn2make 0-5 shn2make works with sets of shn or flac audio files and the make program to automate the process of burning shn archive CD-R's,
siag-office 5-10 Siag Office is a tightly integrated, free office package
wmradio 0-5 WindowMaker FM radio docapp.
xmms-imms 0-5 An intelligent playlist plug-in for XMMS that tracks your listening patterns and dynamically adapts to your taste.