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Potential candidates for [community] repo

TU: Before including these packages in the [community] repo, make sure that it is permitted by the license.

Name Votes Description
alacarte 45-50 Menu editor for gnome
bin2iso 30-35 bin2iso converts RAW format (.bin/.cue) files to ISO/WAV format
quake3-icculus-svn 25-30 Quake3 Engine. You need the retail or demo .pk3 files to play.
snes9x 25-30 A portable Emulator for the Super Nintento Entertainment System
nvu-kde 25-30 A Dreamweaver style WYSIWYG web editor with kdemimetypes
rezlooks 25-30 Clean looking gtk theme engine based on the cairo-enabled CVS clearlooks engine code.
bmp-docklet 20-25 bmp-docklet is a plugin for the Beep Media Player. It displays an icon in your systemtray and allows several tasks like play/pau
mp3gain 20-25 MP3gain
pcmanfm 20-25 An extremly fast and lightweight file manager which features tabbed browsing and user-friendly interface
picasa 20-25 Picasa is software that helps you instantly find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC.
dark-oberon 20-25 An open source real-time strategy game similar to Warcraft II
links-g 20-25 A text WWW browser, similar to Lynx, with framebuffer and X graphics enabled
aspell-cs 20-25 Czech dictionary for aspell
knemo 20-25 KNemo - the KDE Network Monitor
par2cmdline 20-25 Providing a tool to apply the data-recovery capability concepts of RAID-like systems to the posting & recovery of multi-part arc
tremulous 20-25 An online team based FPS/RTS hybrid game based on the Quake3 Engine
crack-attack 20-25 A free OpenGL game based on the Super Nintendo classic Tetris Attack
dvdshrink 20-25 Create fair-use archival copies of DVD content on single-layer writable DVDs.
quake3-svn 20-25 Quake III Arena Engine. You'll need the pk3 files to play this.
truecrypt 20-25 Free open-source disk encryption software - kernel module
unace 20-25 unace is an extraction tool for the proprietary ace archive format
warsow 20-25 Free multiplayer FPS based on the Qfusion engine

Packages that will remain in unsupported

Name Description Reason
aurbuild A utility to build and install packages from AUR. Automatically installs unsupported packages.
cedega A program that lets you play Windows games in Linux License restriction.
enemy-territory Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory multiplayer FPS License restriction.
google-earth A 3D interface to the planet Earth License restriction.
kqemu The QEMU Accelerator Module increases the speed of QEMU when a PC is emulated on a PC. Binary distribution is not allowed. License restriction.
qpkg Search for packages in *all* known repositories and in AUR, install or update packages directly from AUR! Automatically installs unsupported packages.
realplayer Real Media Player produced by RealNetworks License restriction.
vmware-workstation Virtual machine (x86) software License restriction.

Orphaned [community] packages

Name Votes Description
addresses 0-5 A versatile address book application for GNUstep
apcupsd 0-5 Apcupsd can be used for power mangement and controlling most of APC's UPS models on Unix and Windows machines.
apg 0-5 Automated Password Generator.
arc 0-5 This is a Linux port of SEA arc for MS-DOS
arch-artwork 5-10 collection of artwork related to Arch
basilisk 5-10 A free, portable Mac II emulator with JIT compiler
bhv 0-5 Allows you to examine the contents of web browser history files
chicken 0-5 A compiler for R5RS scheme, featuring handy extensions (snapshot)
cjc 0-5 Jabber client with text-based user interface resembling those known from popular IRC clients.
clearsilver 0-5 clearsilver is a fast, powerful, and language-neutral HTML template system
dfm 0-5 A graphical file manager including desktop icons
e-uae 0-5 The Unix Amiga Emulator -- Experimental/active tree
festival-gaim 0-5 A gaim plugin that speaks messages using festival
fvwm-themes-devel 0-5 Development themes for fvwm
gaim-xmms 0-5 A gaim plugin to display current XMMS song
gaupol 0-5 An editor for text-based subtitles
gcursor 0-5 A mouse cursor selector for Gnome.
gnumail 0-5 A complete and fast mail application for GNUstep
gnustep-back 0-5 The GNUstep GUI Backend
gnustep-base 0-5 The GNUstep base package
gnustep-gui 0-5 The GNUstep GUI class library
gnustep-make 0-5 The GNUstep make package
gtweakui 10-15 A collection of front ends to various gconf configurations.
icomplete 0-5 icomplete is a command line program, which lists possible completions for a certain position in a source code
id-utils 0-5 A package of language independent tools that indexes program identifiers, literal numbers, or words of human-readable text.
linux-howtos 0-5 Documentation on many tasks relating to Linux setup and operation.
mozplugger 5-10 A Mozilla & Firefox multimedia plugin.
mudmagic 0-5 A GTK2 mud client with automapper
outguess 0-5 OutGuess is a universal steganographic tool
pantomime 0-5 A set of Objective-C classes that model a mail system
partlibrary 0-5 Collection of CAD files that can be used from the library browser of QCad
procstatd 0-5 A daemon that can be run either from userspace or inetd that can be queried via a simple API to parse various files in /proc
pwmanager 0-5 With PwManager you can easily manage your passwords
pwsafe 5-10 A commandline program for managing encrypted password databases
pygopherd 0-5 A modern Gopher server and HTTP gateway
pymusepack 0-5 A python module that interfaces with musepack
pyzor 0-5 collaborative, networked system to detect and block spam using identifying digests of messages.
schism 0-5 Schism Tracker -- a faithful clone of the Good Old Impulse Tracker.
shn2make 0-5 shn2make works with sets of shn or flac audio files and the make program to automate the process of burning shn archive CD-R's,
siag-office 5-10 Siag Office is a tightly integrated, free office package
wmradio 0-5 WindowMaker FM radio docapp.