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| [[Cinnamon]] || {{Pkg|gtk3}} || {{Pkg|muffin}} || {{Pkg|cinnamon}} || {{Pkg|gnome-terminal}} || {{Pkg|nemo}} || {{Pkg|gnome-calculator}} || {{Pkg|gedit}} || {{Pkg|eog}} || {{Pkg|totem}} || {{Pkg|evince}} || [[Firefox]] || {{Pkg|lightdm-gtk-greeter}}
| [[Cinnamon]] || {{Pkg|gtk3}} || {{Pkg|muffin}} || {{Pkg|cinnamon}} || {{Pkg|gnome-terminal}} || {{Pkg|nemo}} || {{Pkg|gnome-calculator}} || {{Pkg|gedit}} || {{Pkg|eog}} || {{Pkg|totem}} || {{Pkg|evince}} || [[Firefox]] || {{Pkg|lightdm-gtk-greeter}}
| [[Deepin]] || {{Pkg|gtk2}} {{Pkg|gtk3}} {{Pkg|qt5-base}} || {{Pkg|deepin-wm}} || {{Pkg|deepin-dock}} || {{Pkg|deepin-terminal}} || {{Pkg|deepin-file-manager}} || {{Pkg|gnome-calculator}} || {{Pkg|gedit}} || {{Pkg|deepin-image-viewer}} || {{Pkg|deepin-movie}} || {{Pkg|evince}} || [[Chromium]] || {{Pkg|deepin-session-ui}}
| [[Deepin]] || {{Pkg|gtk2}} {{Pkg|gtk3}} {{Pkg|qt5-base}} || {{Pkg|deepin-wm}} || {{Pkg|deepin-dock}} || {{Pkg|deepin-terminal}} || {{Pkg|deepin-file-manager}} || {{Pkg|deepin-calculator}} || {{Pkg|deepin-text}} || {{Pkg|deepin-image-viewer}} || {{Pkg|deepin-movie}} || {{Pkg|evince}} || [[Chromium]] || {{Pkg|deepin-session-ui}}
| [[Equinox Desktop Environment|EDE]] || {{Pkg|fltk}} || {{Pkg|pekwm}} || {{AUR|ede}} || {{Pkg|xterm}} || {{AUR|fluff}} || {{AUR|zalc}} || {{AUR|fltk-editor}} || {{AUR|ede}} || {{AUR|flmusic}} || {{AUR|flaxpdf-git}} || {{Pkg|dillo}} || {{Pkg|xorg-xdm}}
| [[Equinox Desktop Environment|EDE]] || {{Pkg|fltk}} || {{Pkg|pekwm}} || {{AUR|ede}} || {{Pkg|xterm}} || {{AUR|fluff}} || {{AUR|zalc}} || {{AUR|fltk-editor}} || {{AUR|ede}} || {{AUR|flmusic}} || {{AUR|flaxpdf-git}} || {{Pkg|dillo}} || {{Pkg|xorg-xdm}}

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See Desktop environment for the main article.

See also Wikipedia:Comparison of X Window System desktop environments.

Overview of desktop environments
Desktop environment Widget toolkit Window manager Taskbar Terminal emulator File manager Calculator Text editor Image viewer Media player Document viewer Web browser Display manager
Budgie gtk3 budgie-desktop budgie-desktop gnome-terminal nautilus gnome-calculator gedit eog totem evince epiphany gdm
Cinnamon gtk3 muffin cinnamon gnome-terminal nemo gnome-calculator gedit eog totem evince Firefox lightdm-gtk-greeter
Deepin gtk2 gtk3 qt5-base deepin-wm deepin-dock deepin-terminal deepin-file-manager deepin-calculator deepin-text deepin-image-viewer deepin-movie evince Chromium deepin-session-ui
EDE fltk pekwm edeAUR xterm fluffAUR zalcAUR fltk-editorAUR edeAUR flmusicAUR flaxpdf-gitAUR dillo xorg-xdm
Enlightenment efl enlightenment enlightenment terminology enlightenment equate-gitAUR ecrire-gitAUR ephoto-gitAUR rageAUR eevee links xorg-xdm
GNOME gtk3 mutter gnome-shell gnome-terminal nautilus gnome-calculator gedit eog totem evince epiphany gdm
GNOME Flashback gtk3 metacity gnome-panel gnome-terminal nautilus gnome-calculator gedit eog totem evince epiphany gdm
KDE Plasma qt5-base kwin plasma-desktop konsole dolphin kcalc kwrite kate gwenview dragon okular konqueror sddm
Liri qt5-base greenislandAUR liri-shell-gitAUR liri-terminal-gitAUR liri-files-gitAUR liri-calculator-gitAUR liri-text-gitAUR eyesightAUR liri-player qpdfview liri-browser-gitAUR sddm
LXDE GTK+ 2 gtk2 Openbox lxpanel lxterminal pcmanfm galculator-gtk2 leafpad gpicview lxmusic epdfview midori lxdm
LXDE GTK+ 3 gtk3 Openbox lxpanel-gtk3 lxterminal pcmanfm-gtk3 galculator l3afpad gpicview-gtk3 lxmusic-gtk3 atril midori lxdm-gtk3
LXQt qt5-base Openbox lxqt-panel qterminal pcmanfm-qt speedcrunch notepadqq lximage-qt smplayer qpdfview falkon sddm
MATE gtk3 marco mate-panel mate-terminal caja mate-calc pluma eom parole atril midori lightdm-gtk-greeter
Pantheon gtk3 gala-gitAUR plank wingpanelAUR pantheon-terminal pantheon-files pantheon-calculatorAUR scratch-text-editor pantheon-photos pantheon-videos evince epiphany


Sugar gtk3 metacity sugar sugar-activity-terminal sugar sugar-activity-calculate sugar-activity-write sugar-activity-imageviewer sugar-activity-jukebox sugar-activity-read sugar-activity-browse lightdm-gtk-greeter
theShell qt5-base kwin theshellAUR theterminalAUR thefileAUR thecalculatorAUR kwrite kate gwenview themediaAUR okular konqueror lightdm-webkit-theme-contemporaryAUR
Trinity TQt TWin Kicker Konsole Konqueror KCalc Kwrite Kate Kuickshow Kaffeine KPDF Konqueror TDM
Xfce gtk2 gtk3 xfwm4 xfce4-panel xfce4-terminal thunar galculator mousepad ristretto parole epdfview midori lightdm-gtk-greeter

Resource use

In terms of system resources, GNOME and KDE are expensive desktop environments. Not only do complete installations consume more disk space than lightweight alternatives (LXDE, LXQt and Xfce) but also more CPU and memory resources while in use. This is because GNOME and KDE are relatively full-featured: they provide the most complete and well-integrated environments.

LXDE, LXQt and Xfce, on the other hand, are lightweight desktop environments. They are designed to work well on older or lower-power hardware and generally consume fewer system resources while in use. This is achieved by cutting back on extra features (which some would term bloat).