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  • Compiz requires some other packages. If your system doesn't have them just install with pacman:
- mesa
- cairo
- glitz
- xorg-server
- libxevie
- startup-notification
- libpng
- libxdamage
- libxrandr
- libwnck
- gnome-desktop
- control-center
- librsvg
- libxcomposite
- glew
- dbus
- gconf
- pkgconfig
  • Install compiz-aiglx from aur (Not working anymore, someone please correct this data):
# aurbuild -s compiz-aiglx

This package provide Compiz with Gnome-decorator, Gconf configuration and some scripts to automate it. It provides cgwd compatibility. You can install cgwd (Ubuntu patched) from AUR. Actually you should work a little to have Csm. This file contains cgwd-cvs without the xgl deps, will work fine with Compiz here: cgwd-cvs. You can use the cgwd-themes-cvs file from the AUR. These may be updated at some point in the AUR - depending on their owners.

Starting Compiz and Decorator

  • Then you could start, depending from your DE, Compiz with the following command:
# compiz-aiglx          // Generic
# kde-compiz-aiglx      // KDE
# gnome-compiz-aiglx    // Gnome
  • You could start Compiz every time you start your DE easily. For example in KDE just create the following file in ~/.kde/Autostart :
kde-compiz-aiglx &
sleep 3 &&  dbus-launch cgwd --replace #if you want to have cgwd themes

Finally chmod +x to it.

  • An easy way to start compiz in gnome is to add the following as session startup programs:
sleep 3 &&  dbus-launch cgwd --replace #if you want to have cgwd themes


  • If you are using Cgwd you can change theme by using gcompizthemer. You can start it from the settings menu of your DE. If the gcompizthemer on your DE menu does not work you should start it with:
# dbus-launch gcompizthemer

Cgwd will change theme only after a restart. To restart it without restarting the DE session, try this:

# killall cgwd
# dbus-launch cgwd --replace &