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Compiz Fusion is a window and composition manager. It is the merger of Compiz and Beryl. Compiz Fusion is currently unsupported or in development (git packages). I have created this page to get a howto started for arch. I am not sure if there is already one or not. If there is, please delete this one. If not, please feel free to edit this one to help others out getting Compiz Fusion installed on the various desktop environment. I am looking to get it installed on gnome. The Compiz Fusion Homepage is a good source of information. NOTE that there is currently no stable version yet.

Pre-Installing Compiz Fusion


Compiz Fusion requires AIGLX or XGL. I will let you go to the respective wiki to make sure you are setup correctly. I am using AIGLX and did not have to change any xorg.conf settings when I moved from beryl to Compiz Fusion.

Uninstall Compiz or Beryl

Before you can install Compiz Fusion, you need to uninstall Compiz or Beryl.

For Beryl:

$ su
# pacman -Rc beryl-core

For Compiz:

$ su
# pacman -Rc compiz-core

Installing Compiz Fusion

Stable version

Coming Soon

Development (git) version

If you want to try the latest compiz fusion development version, edit /etc/pacman.conf and add one of the following to the end of the file:


Server =


Server =


Install compiz fusion by using the following commands:

$ su
# pacman -Sy compiz-fusion compiz-fusion-extra

Starting Compiz Fusion

Just try it

If you simply want to try Compiz Fusion, you can try (testing/working with gnome):

$ fusion-icon

This will start the "Compiz Fusion Icon" and launch Compiz Fusion. Right click on the icon in the panel and go to 'select window manager'. Choose "Compiz" if not already, and you should be set.

GNOME Desktop

The simplest way is to add "Compiz Fusion" (Name:) and "/usr/bin/fusion-icon" (Command:) to the applications that start with your session. You can do this by going to:

[System] -> [Preferences] -> [Sessions] -> [Startup Programs]

Adding "Compiz Fusion" to the list might be a good idea too so you can switch back to Metacity if need be.


compiz fusion dev/unofficial repo