Configure virtual console colors

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The colors in the Linux virtual console running on the framebuffer can be changed. This is done by writing the escape code Template:Codeline where Template:Codeline is the hexadecimal index of the color from 0-F, and Template:Codeline is a traditional hexadecimal RGB code.

Reusing ~/.Xdefaults settings

To reuse the color configuration from ~/.Xdefaults, add the following snippet to the shell init script (Template:Filename/Template:Filename/...).

if [ "$TERM" = "linux" ]; then
    _SEDCMD='s/.*\*color\([0-9]\{1,\}\).*#\([0-9a-fA-F]\{6\}\).*/\1 \2/p'
    for i in $(sed -n "$_SEDCMD" $HOME/.Xdefaults | \
               awk '$1 < 16 {printf "\\e]P%X%s", $1, $2}'); do
        echo -en "$i"