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#REDIRECT: [[USB MIDI keyboards]]
{{merge|USB Midi Keyboards}}
== Connecting USB MIDI Keyboard in Arch Linux ==
# We need to install [[qsynth]], [[JACK Audio Connection Kit|jack]], [[qjackctl]]
# Launch qjackctl and check the settings:
  Server Path: jackd
  Driver: alsa
  Realtime=enable; Priority:0
  Soft Mode=enable; Periods/Buffer:2
  Rest of parameters=disable(by default)
  Dither: None
  Audio: Duplex
# Start jackd using qjackctl (the '''Play''' button)
# Connect your USB keyboard
# Start QSynth and go to '''Setup''', where you need to load soundfont in SF2 format. You can get free SoundFonts from http://soundfonts.narod.ru/ (in Russian)
{{Note|After loading the SoundFont, you will have to restart QSynth when it as you to do so.}}
# Go to qjackctl, click '''Connect''' and choose the ALSA tab. On the left side you will see connected MIDI keyboard, on the left side - QSynth. Choose MIDI keyboard and QSynth, and click '''Connect'''.
Now, try to play on your midi keyboard!

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