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{{Article summary text|This article discusses plugging portable audio players (also sometimes called "MP3 players").}}
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== Player types ==
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There are different kinds of portable audio players around:
=== Players Accessible With Native Protocols ===
**All iRiver players with "Manager Mode" firmware should follow the instructions here: [[IRiver_iFP_Audio_Players]]
**Creative players, probably all that do not support USB storage, should be supported by {{AUR|gnomad2}}, available in the [[Arch User Repository|AUR]].
**Sony Walkman MP3 players released prior to mid-2007 require Sony's proprietary "SonicStage" software to transfer files. Unfortunately, this software is only available for Windows. However, you are better off using the [http://symphonic.sourceforge.net/page.php?4 JSymphonic] open source software anyway, as you will have more control over your player. JSymphonic is provided by the {{AUR|symphonic}} package, available in the [[Arch User Repository|AUR]].
=== Players Accessible as usb-storage ===
**Creative MuVo
:{{Note|Some (older) models of MuVo deleting {{ic|settings.dat}} from the stick renders it useless. Newer models do not have the file.}}
**All iRiver players with "UMS Mode" firmware are recognized as usb-storage
**iAudio U2 MP3 Player
**flash drive + mp3-player
**MPIO HD300
== Accessing players ==
You should mount your player, identified as usb-storage, to access it's contents. There are multiple ways to do that:
=== Manual mounting ===
See [[USB Storage Devices#Manual mounting|USB Storage Devices:Manual mounting]]
=== Using [[udev]] ===
See [[Udev#Accessing iPod|Udev:Accessing iPod]]

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