Connecting your MP3 Player

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Player types

There are different kinds of portable audio players around:

Players Accessible With Native Protocols

  • Creative
    • Creative players, probably all that do not support USB storage, should be supported by gnomad2AUR, available in the AUR.
  • Sony
    • Sony Walkman MP3 players released prior to mid-2007 require Sony's proprietary "SonicStage" software to transfer files. Unfortunately, this software is only available for Windows. However, you are better off using the JSymphonic open source software anyway, as you will have more control over your player. JSymphonic is provided by the symphonicAUR package, available in the AUR.

Players Accessible as usb-storage

  • Creative
    • Creative MuVo
Note: Some (older) models of MuVo deleting settings.dat from the stick renders it useless. Newer models do not have the file.
  • iRiver
    • All iRiver players with "UMS Mode" firmware are recognized as usb-storage
  • Cowon
    • iAudio U2 MP3 Player
  • NextCom
    • flash drive + mp3-player
  • MPIO
    • MPIO HD300


Accessing players

You should mount your player, identified as usb-storage, to access it's contents. There are multiple ways to do that:

Manual mounting

See USB Storage Devices:Manual mounting

Using udev

See Udev:Accessing iPod