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Template:Article summary start Template:Article summary text Template:Article summary heading Template:Article summary wiki Template:Article summary end Console TDM is an extension for xorg-xinit written in pure bash. It is inspired by CDM, which aimed to be a replacement of display managers such as GDM.


Install the console-tdmAUR package which is available in AUR.

Now ensure no other display managers get started by disabling their systemd services with systemctl disable.

For example, if you were using the Gnome Display Manager, you would stop it from starting at boot by running

# systemctl disable gdm.service


# systemctl disable
# systemctl enable

After installing Console TDM, you should modify your ~/.bash_profile, and add a line

source /usr/bin/tdm

and edit your ~/.xinitrc, replace your exec lines with

exec tdm --xstart


You should copy the links to your WM/DE starter to ~/.tdm/sessions, and links to non-X programs to ~/.tdm/extra. For convenience, you can just run tdmctl init.

The use of the program tdmctl is much like systemctl, and it's a powerful tool to configure Console TDM.

You can customize Console TDM by editing ~/.tdm/tdminit.

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