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这个文档The document ABS - The Arch Build System 提供了一份良好的用于制作和修改 Arch Linux 软件包所需工具和文件的总览。provides a good overview of the tools and files needed to create or modify packages for Arch Linux. 如果你只想要定制或重新编译一个已经存在的软件包,这里应该已经提供了足够的信息。This is probably all you need to know if all you want to do is customize or recompile an existing package. 但是,如果你想要制作一个新的软件包,你还需要一些额外的指南。However, if you need to create a new package, there are a few additional guidelines you may need to know. 这个文档假定你已经事先阅读并掌握了 ABS 的描述。This document assumes that you read and understood the ABS description first.