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{{Article summary text|Covers installation and usage of ncmpcpp (ncmpc++)}}
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= Introduction =
= Installation =
Several other applications are required for an example setup of CoovaChilli:
{{bc|$ pacman -S freeradius nginx mariadb phpmyadmin php}}
From the [[AUR]] install the following two packages: {{aur|daloradius}} and {{aur|coova-chilli}}.
= Example configuration =
Example configuration for a full and working CoovaChilli setup.
Consider '''eth0''' is the interface for our incoming internet connection and '''eth1''' is the gateway interface for our unknown wifi clients and is coonnected to various hot-spots.
* cp -r /var/www/daloradius/contrib/chilli/portal2/* /var/www/
== Daloradius ==
{{bc|<nowiki>$ /usr/bin/mysql_install_db --user=mysql --basedir=/usr --datadir=/var/lib/mysql
$ rm /usr/share/nginx/html/index.html</nowiki>}}
== FreeRadius setup ==
<nowiki>client {
secret    = mysecret
Adjust the following settings:
<nowiki>        server = "localhost"
        login = "root"
        password = "xxxx"</nowiki>
Uncomment the following settings:
<nowiki>authorize {
accounting {
Uncomment the following settings:
<nowiki>      $INCLUDE sql.conf</nowiki>
== Start and enable applications ==
{{bc|systemctl enable nginx freeradius mysqld
systemctl start nginx freeradius mysqld}}
= Also read =
* Original tutorial: http://linux.xvx.cz/2010/03/debian-wi-fi-hotspot-using-coovachilli-freeradius-mysql-and-daloradius/
* List of Open Source capative portal software and network access control: https://mohammadthalif.wordpress.com/2010/12/14/list-of-open-source-captive-portal-software-and-network-access-control-nac/#comment-428

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