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Crossover Office is a fork of wine, aimed at users of Microsoft Office, and associated programs.

Crossover Office allows you to use these windows-based programs under linux.

See for more info.

Crossover Office 10.0.0 on Arch;msg=92523

In addition to the instructions given in the above-link, I found that on a fresh Arch64 install, crossover was missing many dependencies. Crossover would install correctly, but it would give me errors when trying to install Office 2007. To remedy this easily, install wine: "pacman -S wine". This will install all of the wine dependencies, which are also dependencies for crossover office.

Crossover Office on Arch64 via self downloaded shell script

To install Crossover office on Arch64, you need some 32bit emulation libraries (All of these may not be required anymore, I just installed all of them):

pacman -S linux32 lib32-gcc-libs lib32-glibc lib32-libxi lib32-zlib lib32-libsm

there is no linux32 package!

Set executable flag and login as root or use the superuser command (the Crossover install script doesn't like to be run in sudo):

chmod +x && su

All that is left is to run the installer:


After the installation cxinstaller and other crossover programs may fail to start. Run them from the terminal:


If you see the following error:

 ImportError: No module named gtk

Install the python gtk module:

 pacman -S pygtk 

This also fixed a "no gobject" warning that showed up when running the installer.

If you see the following error:

 /usr/bin/env: python: No such file or directory

Be sure you have installed Python (>= 2) and issue the following command:

 sudo ln -s /usr/bin/python2 /usr/bin/python

Crossover Office on Arch64 via AUR

As the above isn't working now because of python3 and perhaps some more issues, it's likely better to install via AUR. One can use AUR_Helpers to install crossover-games replace "/usr/bin/env python" with "/usr/bin/env python2" in the following files in directory cd /opt/cxgames/bin/: cxassocedit cxinstaller cxmenuedit cxmessage cxregister cxreset cxrun cxsetup cxupdatecheck cxwait

All should work now.