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This article describes the installation of the cuftpd FTP daemon on Arch Linux.

cuftpd is an ftp-server written in Java




Install the requirements from the Official Repositories:

$ pacman -S xinetd zip unzip openssl inetutils mercurial

Install from Java JDK, JRE and Maven2 from Arch User Repository:

Add a user for cuftpd

adduser cuftpd

Change to the new user

su cuftpd

Make necessary directories

mkdir src ftpd

Enter src and download sources by following commnads

hg clone
hg clone
hg clone
hg clone
hg clone

Build all sources Build all dependencies in the following order using the following commands.

  1. cutools
  2. cunet
  3. cuftp
  4. cuftpd
  5. OPTIONAL: cubnc (recommended, you wouldnt be here if you didnt want multisite, so compile it!)