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[http://monkey.org/~marius/pages/?page=cwm cwm] is an X11 [[window manager]] originally deriving from [[evilwm]]. However, the code base of evilwm did not accommodate the new features that were being added, so the code was re-written from scratch. cwm aims to be simple, and offers helpful features such as searching for windows.
A screen shot is available [http://monkey.org/~marius/cwm/shot-full.png here].
The {{AUR|cwm}} package is available in the [[AUR]]. It requires {{Pkg|libx11}} and {{Pkg|libxft}}, both of which are available in the [[official repositories]].
To start cwm during boot, add the following to your {{ic|~/.xinitrc}} (see [[xinitrc]] and [[Start X at Boot]] for details).
There is a well-written man page on the official website ([http://monkey.org/~marius/cwm/cwm.1.a here]).

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