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DNSSEC Packages

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Howto enable DNSSEC in specific software

If you want full support of DNSSEC, you need each single application to use DNSSEC validation. It can be done using several ways:

OpenSSH (fixes only weak point in SSH design)

Firefox (secure browsing - enchancment of HTTPS)

Chromium/Google Chrome (secure browsing - enchancment of HTTPS)

  • Vote for #50874
    • Patches not yet...
    • DNSSEC Drill extension (EXPERIMENTAL!)
      • you need ldns and dnssec-root-zone-trust-anchors packages for this plugin

BIND (serving signed DNS zones)

Postfix (fight spam and frauds)

  • dnssec-tools + patch

jabberd (fight spam and frauds)

  • dnssec-tools + patch

Thunderbird (secure logins)

  • dnssec-tools + patch

lftp (secure downloads and logins)

  • dnssec-tools + patch

wget (secure downloads)

  • dnssec-tools + patch


  • dnssec-tools + patch

Sendmail (fight spam and frauds)

  • dnssec-tools + patch


  • dnssec-tools + patch

ncftp (secure downloads and logins)

  • dnssec-tools + patch

libpurple (pidgin + finch -> secure messaging)

  • no patches yet
  • Vote for #12413

DNSSEC Hardware

You can check if your router, modem, AP, etc. supports DNSSEC (many different features) using dnssec-tester (Python & GTK+ based app) to know if it is DNSSEC-compatible, and using this tool you can also upload gathered data to a server, so other users and manufacturers can be informed about compatibility of their devices and eventualy fix the firmware (they will be probably urged to do so). (Before running dnssec-tester please make sure, that you do not have any other nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf). You can also find the results of performed tests on the dnssec-tester website.

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