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Ripping is the process of copying audio or video content to a hard disk, typically from removable media or media streams.[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ripping]
Often, the process of ripping a DVD can be broken down into two subtasks:
# '''Data extraction''' - Copying the audio and/or video data to a hard disk
# [[Wikipedia:Transcode|Transcoding]] - Converting the extracted data into a suitable format
Some utilities perform both tasks, whilst others focus on one aspect or the other.
== dvdbackup ==
[[dvdbackup]] is used simply for data extraction, and does not transcode. This tool is useful for creating ''exact'' copies of encrypted DVDs in conjunction with {{Pkg|libdvdcss}} or for decrypting video for other utilities unable to read encrypted DVDs.
== dvd::rip ==
dvd::rip is a front-end to {{Pkg|transcode}}, used to extract and transcode on-the-fly.
The following packages should be installed:
* {{Pkg|dvdrip}}: GTK front-end for {{Pkg|transcode}}, which performs the ripping and encoding
* {{Pkg|libdv}}: Software codec for DV video
* {{Pkg|xvidcore}}: If you want to encode your ripped files as XviD, an open source MPEG-4 video codec (free alternative to DivX)
* {{AUR|divx4linux}}: If you want to encode your ripped files as DivX (available in the [[AUR]])
The dvd::rip preferences are mostly well-documented/self-explanatory. If you need help with something, see http://www.exit1.org/dvdrip/doc/gui-gui_pref.cipp.
Ripping a DVD is often a simple matter of selecting the preferred codec(s), selecting the desired titles, then clicking the "Rip" button.
== FFmpeg ==
[[FFmpeg]] is capable to do a direct rip in any format (audio/video) from a DVD-Video .iso image, just select the input as the *.iso image and proceed with the desired options. It also allows to downmixing, shrinking, spliting, selecting streams among other features.
== HandBrake ==
HandBrake is a multithreaded video transcoder, which offers both a graphical and command-line interface with many preset configurations. The package is available in the [[official repositories]]: {{Pkg|handbrake}}.
== MEncoder ==
[[MEncoder]] is a free command line video decoding, encoding and filtering tool released under the GNU General Public License. It is a close sibling to MPlayer and can convert all the formats that MPlayer understands into a variety of compressed and uncompressed formats using different codecs.  Wrapper programs like {{AUR|h264enc}} and {{AUR|undvd}} can provide an assistive interface.
== Hybrid ==
Hybrid is a multi platform (Linux/Mac OS X/Windows) Qt based frontend for a bunch of other tools which can convert nearly every input to x264/Xvid/VP8 + ac3/ogg/mp3/aac/flac inside an mp4/m2ts/mkv/webm/mov/avi container, a Blu-ray or an AVCHD structure.
A package is available in the [[AUR]]: {{AUR|hybrid-encoder}}.
For detailed information visit the [http://www.selur.de/project homepage].
== DVD-VR ==
From [[wikipedia:DVD-VR|Wikipedia - DVD-VR]]:
:''The DVD-VR standard defines a logical format for video recording on DVD-R, DVD-RW, and DVD-RAM style media, including the dual layer versions of these media. As opposed to media recorded with the DVD+VR recording standard, the resulting media are not DVD-Video compliant, and will not play back in some DVD-Video players. Most DVD video recorders in the market that support DVD-R, DVD-RW, or DVD-RAM media will allow recording to these media in DVD-VR mode, as well as in a DVD-Video compliant mode. It is possible to use the DVD-VR format with DVD+R and DVD+RW media, but no examples are known other than some PC based recording utilities.''
.VRO files extracted from a DVD-VR can be easily converted and splitted in regular .VOB files using the [http://www.pixelbeat.org/programs/dvd-vr/ DVD-VR] program.
Install {{AUR|dvd-vr}} from the [[AUR]].
== Troubleshooting ==
=== None of the above programs are able to rip/encode a DVD to my hard disk! ===
Make sure the region of your DVD-reader is set correctly, otherwise you'll get loads of unexplainable CSS-related errors. Use {{AUR|regionset}} to do so.
== See also ==
* RIAA and actual laws allow backup of physically obtained media under these conditions [https://www.riaa.com/physicalpiracy.php?content_selector=piracy_online_the_law RIAA - the law].

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