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zh-CN:Deepin Desktop Environment

DDE (Deepin Desktop Environment) is the default desktop environment originally created for the linux Deepin distribution.


To get a minimal desktop interface, you may start by installing deepin group. This will pull all the basic components.

However, it is recommended to also install deepin-extra group to get a fully working DDE:

Launching Deepin Desktop Environment

Via a Display Manager

To use the default DDE's lightdm greeter you have to modify the configuration file under the [SeatDefaults] section, to state:.


Using xinitrc

See the xinitrc page for more information.

exec startdde

Execute startx or xinit to start DDE.

Note: If you want to start Xorg at boot, please read the Start X at login article.


Does not start

Type startdde in virtual console and see the output. If you see error with file mentioned - ensure you have installed the latest gcc-libs package.

Bug Reporting

Any upstream or arch packaging related bugs should be reported here. FaSheng is one of the Deepin developers and also a contributor/maintainer for arch-deepin and if you file bug reports on his github page then there's much greater chance that the bug will be fixed. ;-)