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== Introduction ==
This is a brief tutorial to make the Dell 1250c Colour Laser printer work on Arch Linux.
==Download Printer drivers==
The printer drivers are not part of any package, you you need to download them and install them manually. There is no native driver, so use the Xerox Phaser 6000B driver.
First create a temporary directory.
$mkdir ~/tmp
Then you must download the official drivers from the Xerox website into that directory. Click
[http://www.support.xerox.com/support/phaser-6000/file-download/engb.html?operatingSystem=linux&fileLanguage=en_GB&contentId=116070&from=downloads&viewArchived=false Driver Download] (and agree to their terms). This is an RPM archive.
Unzip the downloaded .zip file
$ unzip 6000_6010_rpm_1.01_20110222.zip
$ cd rpm_1.01_20110222
==Extracting the RPM files==
Now you need a small script called rpmextract which allows you to get the files included in the RPM you've just downloaded.
Log in as root and execute :
# pacman -S rpmextract
Extract both RPM files :
$ rpmextract.sh Xerox-Phaser_6000_6010-1.0-1.i686.rpm
It should give you a directory : usr
Copy all of the files to their corresponding directories in your file system :
# cp -r /home/user/tmp/usr/* /usr
==Installing the driver and printer==
Now go to the CUPS page : http://localhost:631/ <br/><br/>
You should now be able to add the printer
For x86_64 installations, the cups 32bit client library is also needed
# pacman -S lib32-libcups

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