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(Enable Speakers)
(Enable Bluetooth)
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===Enable Bluetooth===
===Enable Bluetooth===
DAEMONS=(... bluetooth ...)
DAEMONS=(... bluetooth ...)
===Enable Speakers===
===Enable Speakers===

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The Dell Inspiron 1090 is a notebook/tablet convertible.

Hardware Specifications

  • Model: Dell Inspiron 1090

Enable Bluetooth

DAEMONS=(... bluetooth ...)

Enable Speakers

Add the snd-hda-intel module to /etc/rc.conf:

MODULES=(... snd-hda-intel ...)

HD Video Playback

Install crystalhd-git from the AUR . Unload the staging module and insert the new one with these commands:

# modprobe -r crystalhd
# insmod /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/video/broadcom/crystalhd.ko

You can add those to /etc/rc.local to run them automatically on boot.


Tablet Mode

(Un)folding Detection

setkeycodes e073 148 # assigns key XF86Launch1 to folding keystroke
setkeycodes e074 149 # assigns key XF86Launch2 to unfolding keystroke

Hide mouse pointer in tablet mode

Gesture recognition

Screen rotation

Web browser add-ons and extensions


There is an add-on called "Grab and Drag".


There is an extension called "chromeTouch".