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(HD Video Playback)
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===HD Video Playback===
===HD Video Playback===
Install {{AUR|crystalhd-git}}, available in the [[Arch User Repository]]. Unload the staging module {{ic|crystalhd}} and load the new module, which is located in
Install {{AUR|crystalhd-git}}, available in the [[Arch User Repository]]. The new module is located in
  /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/video/broadcom/crystalhd.ko
  /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/video/broadcom/crystalhd.ko
See [[Kernel Modules]].
Unload the staging module {{ic|crystalhd}} and load the new module, [[Kernel Modules]].
You can add those to {{ic|/etc/rc.local}} to run them automatically on boot.

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The Dell Inspiron 1090 is a notebook/tablet convertible.

Hardware Specifications

  • Model: Dell Inspiron 1090

Enable Bluetooth

Add the bluetooth daemon to /etc/rc.conf, see Daemon.

Enable Speakers

Add the snd-hda-intel module to /etc/rc.conf, see Kernel modules.

HD Video Playback

Install crystalhd-gitAUR, available in the Arch User Repository. The new module is located in

/lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/video/broadcom/crystalhd.ko

Unload the staging module crystalhd and load the new module, Kernel Modules.


Install the driver from the eGalax website. Since version 1.01.1014, the driver supports (two finger) multitouch input. Requires reboot.

Invert Y-axis

If after installing the eGalax driver the Y-axis of the touchscreen is inverted, edit the file /etc/eGTouchd.ini an change the value of Direction from 0 to 2:

DetectRotation 0
Direction 2
Orientation 0

Tablet Mode

(Un)folding Detection

setkeycodes e073 148 # assigns key XF86Launch1 to folding keystroke
setkeycodes e074 149 # assigns key XF86Launch2 to unfolding keystroke

Hide mouse pointer in tablet mode

Gesture recognition

Screen rotation

The following script changes the orientation from landscape to portrait. It can be run by a gesture with easystroke-mt, for example.

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Web browser add-ons and extensions


There is an add-on called "Grab and Drag".


There is an extension called "chromeTouch".