Dell Inspiron 1564

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This is a guide to an Arch x64 installation on a Dell Inspiron 1564.

System Specs

There are several configurations of this machine. Mine is as follows:

 CPU: Intel Core i3 330M(2.13GHz)
 RAM: 3072MB (1x1024 + 1x2048) 1067MHz DDR3 Dual Channel
 Disk: 320GB Serial ATA (5400RPM) Upgraded with Seagate 7200RPM 500GB
 LCD: 15.6" 1366X768 HD WLED
 Video: 512 MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330
 WLAN: Dell 1397 Mini (a/b/g) Upgraded with Intel 5100 a/b/g/n

Hardware Details

lspci, lsusb outputs will come here.