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[[pt:Dell Latitude E6420]]
[[es:Dell Latitude E6420]]
[[es:Dell Latitude E6420]]
The Dell Latitude E6420.
The Dell Latitude E6420.
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Install the {{Pkg|nvidia-340xx}} package from pacman.
Install the {{AUR|nvidia-340xx}} package from pacman.

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The Dell Latitude E6420.

This article will tell you how to get the basic components of the laptop running with Arch.


Very stable seems to work very well.


  • Hibernate / Resume
  • Volume keys (hardware keys)
  • Brightness keys (Fn + up/down arrows)


  • Fingerprint reader


  • Bluetooth


The Installation guide should get you running. UEFI booting also works perfectly when enabled in the BIOS.


Seems to work out of the box


Install the nvidia-340xxAUR package from pacman.