Dell XPS 13 (9360)

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Device Status Modules
Video Not released yet ?
Wireless Not released yet ?
Bluetooth Not released yet ?
Audio Not released yet ?
Touchpad Not released yet ?
Webcam Not released yet ?
USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 Not released yet ?
Wireless switch Not released yet ?
Function/Multimedia Keys Not released yet ?

The Dell XPS 13 Late 2016 (model number?) is the forth-generation model of the XPS 13 line. The laptop will be available early October in both a standard edition with Windows installed as well as a Developer Edition with Ubuntu installed, hardware differences not known yet. Just like the older versions (Dell XPS 13, Dell XPS 13 (2015)), Dell XPS 13 (2016)) it will be available in different hardware configurations. This forth gen model includes Intel's Kaby Lake CPU and configurable with up to 16GB RAM and a 1TB PCI SSD. It will now also be available in Rose Gold.

The installation process for Arch on the XPS 13 does not differ from any other PC. For installation help, please see the Installation guide and UEFI. This page covers the current status of hardware support on Arch, as well as post-installation recommendations.