Dell XPS 15 7590

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Note: This page refers to the 7590 revision of the XPS 15. Most of it also applies to the Precision 5540.

Device/Functionality Status
Suspend Working
Hibernate Working
Integrated Graphics Working
Discrete Nvidia Graphics Modify
Wifi Working
Bluetooth Working
rfkill Working
Audio Working
Touchpad Working
Touchscreen Working
Webcam Working
Card Reader Working
Function/Multimedia Keys Working
Power Management Working
EFI firmware updates Working
Fingerprint reader[broken link: invalid section] Not working

This page contains recommendations for running Arch Linux on the Dell XPS 15 7590 (2019).

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Reason: This page is work in progress. (Discuss in Talk:Dell XPS 15 7590#)


Power Management





kernel modules

NVIDIA Optimus

Wifi and Bluetooth

Touchpad and Touchscreen


EFI firmware updates

Thermal management

Tips and Tricks