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This is a list of basic sites and services we provide at, their status, and any outstanding concerns people have had with them.

Current Services

  • Main Site
    • Provides: News, Repo Listings, Out of date reporting, developer wiki, developer information, donation information, documentation
    • Audience: everyone
    • Status: operational
    • Issues: none, documentation has few contributors and falls out of date easily
  • Forums
    • Provides: place to discuss anything arch related, and even non-arch related, general announcements
    • Audience: starting point for newer users, few older users, some non-users. Most people seem to start here and gravitate away over time.
    • Status: operational
    • Issues: none
  • Wiki
    • Provides: user-based documentation, tutorials, etc
    • Audience: newer users, many older users
    • Status: operational
    • Issues: theme is out of whack due to applying main page css. Organization is poor, some users have tried to fix the situation. Some suggested a move away from mediawiki. Spam issues.
  • Bug Tracker
    • Provides: place to report distro-centric problems directly to developers
    • Audience: everyone
    • Status: operational
    • Issues: none
  • AUR
    • Provides: Central repository for user-contributed PKGBUILDs, managment for community repo
    • Audience: TUs and more experienced users who are able to create and maintain pkgbuilds.
    • Status: operational, with many known issues, slow development
    • Issues: Has not been re-themed for the rest of arch site. Codebase is messy and hard to work with. Slow development but rapid growth of userbase. Klunky interface.
  • Mailing Lists
    • Provide: Place to discuss everything arch-related, including the distro, development, pacman, aur, and porting. Generally very on-topic.
    • Audience: Users who wish to discuss those particular topics. Usually slightly more experienced users and those inclined to use email.
    • Status: operational
    • Issues: none
  • IRC channels
    • Provide: Live dicussion about arch, arch development, and localized dicussion. Often other topics as well.
    • Audience: Full range of users, often those who are IRC-inclined.
    • Status: operational
    • Issues: none
  • Planet Arch
    • Provides: aggregation of arch-related blogs and feeds
    • Audience: unsure
    • Status: operational
    • Issues: poor visibility, tracks very old entries leading to large page size
  • Package Repositories
    • Provides: Basic and expanded package sets for the distro. FTP for little-used direct access. Rsync for mirroring access.
    • Audience: all users
    • Status: operational
    • Issues: bandwidth is a limiting factor when large upgrades occur, leads to mirror sync issues
  • Revision Control
    • Provides: Tracking for PKGBUILDs, arch site, and scripts.
    • Audience: developers, advanced users
    • Status: operational
    • Issues: none, however moves from CVS to SVN have been suggested.
  • Newsletter
    • Provides: Concise aggreggation of arch related activity over small timespans.
    • Audience: everyone
    • Status: biweekly releases
    • Issues: release schedule is often not followed. lacks contributors

Removed Services

  • Development Blog
    • Provided: place to post arch development related items that are not quite front page newsworthy. Place for some community projects to post updates
    • Status: Removed
    • Issues: poor visibility, and little use
    • Replaced by: Forum announcement section, which has been integrated into the planet feeds.
  • Arch Artwork Gallery
    • Provided: place for users to post screenshots and arch-related images
    • Status: Removed
    • Issues: poor visibility, little use
    • Replaced by: Nothing. The users historically used the forum for screenshot threads, and free image hosting sites. This trend continues.
  • Pastebin
    • Provides: Place to share snippets of text
    • Audience: mostly IRC users, but pretty much anyone
    • Status: Removed
    • Issues: Spam issues. It was little used.