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This article is part of the DeveloperWiki. Feel free to add any suggestions or concerns.

Separate branding from upstream packages

Create a separate package of artwork for upstream packages, including:

  • login themes
  • desktop environment additions (wallpapers, icons, etc.)
  • splash screens

Include post-install notes informing the user where to find the theme and where to modify its preference.


  • Upstream packages are delivered as-is
  • Users can choose whether to download Arch-branded content


  • Users will have to modify theme settings manually

Package Naming Scheme

If artwork is separated from upstream packages, we should have a consistent naming scheme, for example:

  • archlinux-artwork
  • archlinux-wallpaper
  • archlinux-themes-gdm
  • archlinux-themes-kdm
  • archlinux-themes-slim
  • archlinux-themes-xfce

Essential Artwork

Provide at least 1 style-neutral (minimalist) theme for the standard packages:


  • Framebuffer logo
  • SLiM
  • Qingy
  • Splashy
  • GDM
  • KDM


  • XDM

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