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|vmware-workstation ||  Virtual machine (x86) software ||License restriction.
|vmware-workstation ||  Virtual machine (x86) software ||License restriction.
|yaourt                 ||  Yet another Archlinux package manager wrapper ||Automatically installs unsupported packages.
|yaourt                 ||  Yet another Arch Linux package manager wrapper ||Automatically installs unsupported packages.

Revision as of 14:03, 3 November 2008

The AUR now allows one to sort via votes. Please use that to get a list of popular package currently in unsupported.

TU: Before including packages in the [community] repo, make sure that it is permitted by the license.

Packages that will remain in unsupported

Name Description Reason
aurbuild A utility to build and install packages from AUR. Automatically installs unsupported packages.
cedega A program that lets you play Windows games in Linux License restriction.
enemy-territory Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory multiplayer FPS License restriction.
google-earth A 3D interface to the planet Earth License restriction.
kopete Kopete, the KDE Instant Messenger Included in the kdenetwork package which is in the [extra] repo.
qpkg Search for packages in *all* known repositories and in AUR, install or update packages directly from AUR! Automatically installs unsupported packages.
realplayer Real Media Player produced by RealNetworks License restriction.
unace unace is an extraction tool for the proprietary ace archive format License restriction.
vmware-workstation Virtual machine (x86) software License restriction.
yaourt Yet another Arch Linux package manager wrapper Automatically installs unsupported packages.