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New developer setup and checklist

For the admin

To add a new user:

  • adduser on gerolde
    • Delete the user's password (passwd -d)
    • Upload the user's public ssh key
  • add to svn-extra, ftp-extra (and possibly ftp-arch for core)
  • upgrade to a "developer" on flyspray
  • upgrade to a "developer" on the forums
  • upgrade to a "SysOp" on the wiki: Special:Userrights
  • subscribe them to arch-dev and arch-dev-public Mailing lists
  • add to users table
  • give password to #archlinux-dev
  • give password to #archlinux64-dev (for x86_64 developers)

For the new developer

  • Add your email address to ~/.forward (so exim can forward mail)
  • Make sure to checkout svn over ssh (See DeveloperWiki:HOWTO_Be_A_Packager)
  • Install devtools and namcap. You may also want the base-devel package if you do not have it
  • git projects are "fenced in" to prevent people from pushing code willy-nilly. If you think you should have push access to a git repo, talk to the owner of the repo (listed on projects). If they accept, any admin can add you to the proper group