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General configuration guideline

  • Document non-trivial changes within the config files
  • Keep the others informed about changes you made (e.g. send a summary to arch-dev, prefix with [gudrun])
  • Use a local git repo for complex configuration files. The following are currently being tracked in git:
    • /etc/httpd/conf
    • /etc/php
  • Don't forget to commit your changes ;-)

Vhost setup

  • For each vhost the DocumentRoot points to /srv/http/vhosts/<>/htdocs
  • Keep those files which should not delivered to the user above the htdocs dir (e.g. caches, htpasswd files etc.)
  • Every vhost/htdocs dir should be tracked by a git repo
  • If this is a public repo (prefered) make sure there are no config files with passwords; use .gitignore)
  • Put the public git repo on Gerolde under /srv/projects/git/<>.git
  • You'll push to and pull from that bare repo
  • The repo can be accessed via /srv/git/<>.git from gudrun


  • System (sudo): Aaron, Jan, Dan, Pierre, Thomas

  • Maintainer: Dusty

  • Maintainer: Dusty

  • Maintainer: Ronald

  • Maintainer: Ronald

Emergency evacuation plan

  1. Don't Panic!
  2. Look for some cute cat at lolcats and place it on a maintenance page
  3. Blame Allan