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= Introduction =
#REDIRECT: [[DeveloperWiki:Roll Call]]
This article is part of the [[DeveloperWiki]].
This page is meant to list a lot of the projects Arch developers keep busy with. Yes, there are things to do outside of packaging. If you are interested in anything, this page should help you get in contact with the right people. If you are looking for something to do, this is always a good place to start.
Some of these projects have dedicated discussion areas, such as the release engineering and pacman development mailing lists. Other ones are less formal- some of the communication may just be person to person emails or on the arch-dev lists if it appeals to a larger crowd. Remember that if you are interested in these less-formal projects, you should let the names listed below know so they will include you on any communication regarding the project.
= Infrastructure Projects =
== Developer Tooling ==
Primarily developer-side tools (devtools, namcap) and server-side (db-scripts) work.
* [[User:Phrakture|Aaron Griffin]]
* [[User:Snowman|Eric Bélanger]]
* [[User:Firmicus|François Charette]]
=== TODO Items ===
* dbscripts: Rewrite db-move to allow multiple packages, getting rid of the testing2* convienence scripts
* dbscripts: Add community repo support to db-move to let us move packages from community to core/extra and vice versa.
* dbscripts: Add community support to the sourceballs script - needs additional logic to use alternate SVN repos
* dbscripts: When a package is completely removed from repo, e.g. amarok-base, its sourceball remains on the server.
== Mirror Control ==
Keep track of existing mirrors and ensure they are doing their job as good as possible (e.g. staying current). Ensure we have up to date contact information for as many mirrors as possible. Work on a tiered mirror system to relieve some stress from our primary rsync server.
* [[User:Romashka|Roman Kyrylych]]
=== Automated tests ===
* sync state: http://users.archlinux.de/~gerbra/mirrorcheck.html
* additional performance tests: http://www.archlinux.de/?page=MirrorStatus
* [[User:Gerbra|Gerhard Brauer]]
* [[User:Pierre|Pierre Schmitz]]
== Packaging Automation ==
Automatic package generation based on changes in svn trunk. Errors should be reported to some mailing list, successful builds moved to a staging directory. Some guidelines of package moving into [extra]/[testing] should be created, for [core] we can use the current signoff procedure. 
* [[User:pressh|Ronald van Haren]]
== Server Administration ==
* [[User:Brain0|Thomas Bächler]]
* [[User:Phrakture|Aaron Griffin]]
* [[User:JGC|Jan de Groot]]
* [[User:Toofishes|Dan McGee]]
* [[User:Pierre|Pierre Schmitz]]
== Developer Communication Team ==
This isn't quite infrastructure, but it almost belongs here. Responsible for organizing developer meetings and making sure people attempt to be present; you newer guys might have no idea, but we used to actually schedule and have 80% of the developer staff present in IRC for 1-2 hour meetings. Responsible for any other coordination between developers, TUs, and maybe even the front page news.
* [[User:Iphitus|James Rayner]] -I can work on the Status Reports too if Aaron doesn't have time. I'll do dev meetings if nobody steps up.
= Packaging Projects =
== Bug Squashing ==
Responsible for assigning bugs to package maintainers. If something is trivial and a fix can be easily made, then goes and does it. Organizes bug squashing days.
* Andrea Scarpino
* [[User:pjmattal|Paul Mattal]]
* ...
* (needs several people)
== Rebuild Team ==
Responsible for communicating and determining what rebuilds will cycle through [testing] and in what order. They are probably also the people doing large portions of the rebuilds.
* [[User:Allan|Allan McRae]] (because my packages seem to cause big rebuilds...)
* [[User:Snowman|Eric Bélanger]]
* [[User:Iphitus|James Rayner]] - may be able to do some building for rebuilds if it's not near exams/assessment.
== Package Review Team ==
Some packages in our repos receive little attention due to not being updated frequently.  These need to be checked for being able to build (especially after major toolchain updates) and compliance with current packaging standards.  It would be good for packages that have not been rebuilt in a long time to be rebuilt to take advantage of new optimisations.
* TODO fill me out please
== Orphan Team ==
Responsible for caring for those packages that no one seems to want and are being neglected. This may involve adoption by themselves or finding a foster caregiver, moving them to a willing maintainer in [community], or sending them to the AUR (or the trash).
* [[User:Snowman|Eric Bélanger]] (for trivial upstream update)
= Web Projects =
This is meant to be a quick overview of the web projects we have and who works on them. For more technical details, you will want to check out the [[DeveloperWiki:Gudrun (web)]] and [[:Category:DeveloperWiki:Server Configuration]] pages.
* [[User:Pierre|Pierre Schmitz]]
== AUR ==
Responsible for coding and deploying the AUR.
* [[User:Louipc|Loui Chang]]
== BBS ==
Responsible for keeping our BBS install up to date and secure.
* Andrea Scarpino
== Flyspray (bugtracker) ==
Responsible for keeping our flyspray install up to date and secure.
* TBA?
== Main Site ==
* [[User:Dusty|Dusty Phillips]]
== Planet ==
Responsible for keeping the planet scripts updated and running.
* Andrea Scarpino
* Hugo Doria
== Wiki ==
Responsible for keeping our wiki install up to date and secure.
* [[User:Pierre|Pierre Schmitz]]
= Coding Projects =
== Arch Linux Init Scripts ==
The all-important scripts that make your machine go when you turn it on
* [[User:Brain0|Thomas Bächler]]
* [[User:Phrakture|Aaron Griffin]]
== Arch Linux Release Engineering (Installer) ==
The Arch Linux Install Framework (AIF) and official installation ISOs
* [[User:Dieter_be|Dieter Plaetinck]]
* [[User:Gerbra|Gerhard Brauer]]
== mkinitcpio ==
We have a program to create initrds for Arch systems.
* [[User:Brain0|Thomas Bächler]]
* [[User:Phrakture|Aaron Griffin]]
== namcap ==
Responsible for maintaining and adding features to namcap.
* Hugo Doria
== netcfg ==
Network connection and profiles
* [[User:Iphitus|James Rayner]]
== Pacman ==
=== Development Team ===
This team is responsible for general development, including new features and bugfixes, for the package manager that is a core part of Arch. Although many people contribute patches and code, the people listed here are generally the people that will be reviewing patches and making the final say as to what gets in the codebase.
* [[User:Toofishes|Dan McGee]]
* Xavier Chantry
* Nagy Gabor
* [[User:Allan|Allan McRae]] (focusing on makepkg)
=== Translation Team ===
Pacman, as of September 2009, has been translated to 15 languages. The upkeep and maintenance of these translations is pretty much a job in itself, with the times immediately preceding a release being the busiest. Ideally this team is responsible for creating a translations branch when a string freeze is set, and then takes incoming translations, ensures they are valid, and merges them into their branch. When a release is not imminent, their focus may be on improving clarity and usefulness of existing messages.
* [[User:Voidnull|Giovanni Scafora]]

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