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* Prison (Needed to show mobile barcodes of your contacts)
* enable python3 only support? (some plasmoid will not work)
* enable python3 only support? (some plasmoid will not work)

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  1. remove gnome dependencies in phonon-gstreamer (need to split them)
  2. check for new/removed dependencies</s>
  3. check for new/removed sub modules (we have a script for that)
    1. we should probably add some replaces
  4. update package descriptions (we have a script for that)
  5. recheck kde-meta
  6. review build logs
  7. check packages which are not part of KDE SC but depend on it or Qt
  8. check packages which depends on splitted libraries (eg. libksane, libkface, libkexiv2,...)



  • Prison (Needed to show mobile barcodes of your contacts)


  • enable python3 only support? (some plasmoid will not work)


  • GoogleGadgets (Needed to build plasma scriptengine for Google Gadgets)
  • Prison (Needed to create mobile barcodes from clipboard data)
  • libgps (GPS support for geolocation)
  • XMMS (Support for XMMS in the Now Playing data engine)


  • XPlanet (support for xplanet)


  • qvoronoi (Part of the qhull package, needed for the irregular grid from the Palapeli Slicer Collection)


  • XMMS (Used by the Kopete nowlistening plugin to support the XMMS player)
  • mediastreamer (Required to enable voice clips support in WLM plugin and needed to build Google Talk libjingle audio call support in Kopete)
  • libmeanwhile (Required for the Kopete Meanwhile protocol)
  • msiLBC (Needed to build Google Talk libjingle voice call support with iLBC codec)

Todo / Notes

common tasks

packages which depends on the old kdegraphics-libs

  • digikam (replaces it with 'libkexiv2')
  • kipi-plugins (replaces it with 'libkexiv2' 'libkdcraw' 'libkipi' 'libksane')
  • koffice-krita (replaces it with 'libkdcraw')
  • skanlite (replaces it with 'libksane')
  • tellico (replaces it with 'libksane')
  • kphotoalbum (replaces it with 'libkdcraw' 'libkipi')

packages to be removed

  • [extra]/konq-plugins
  • [extra]/kdegraphics-libs (who should replace this?)
  • [extra]/kdebindings-ruby (who should replace this?)
  • [extra]/kdebindings-python
  • [extra]/kdebindings-csharp (who should replace this?)
  • [extra]/kdebindings-smoke (who should replace this?)
  • [extra]/kdeaccessibility-colorschemes
  • [extra]/kdeaccessibility-iconthemes


Using the kde-unstable repository

  1. kde-unstable is based upon testing. Therefor you need to enable the repositories in the following order: kde-unstable, testing, core, extra, community-testing, community.
  2. To update from a previous KDE installation run: pacman -Syu or pacman -Sy kde-unstable/kde
  3. If you don't have KDE installed you might have difficulties to install it by using groups (limitation of pacman)
  4. subscribe and read arch-dev-public
  5. report packaging bugs to our bugtracker (don't forget to mention you are using kde-unstable)

Known issues

  • If any problem occurs try a new user or (re)move ~/.kde4 /tmp/kde-* /var/tmp/kdecache-*

(Packaging) Changes from 4.6

  • kdegraphics-libs is now splitted in: kdegraphics-ksaneplugin, kdegraphics-strigi-analyzer, kdegraphics-svgpart, kdegraphics-thumbnailers, libkdcraw, libkexiv2, libkipi, libksane
  • kdebindings-csharp is now splitted in: kdebindings-qyoto, kdebindings-kimono
  • kdebindings-ruby is now splitted in: kdebindings-qtruby, kdebindings-korundum
  • kdebindings-smoke is now splitted in: kdebindings-smokegen, kdebindings-smokeqt, kdebindings-smokekde
  • New packages: kdebindings-kimono, kdebindings-korundum, kdebindings-perlkde, kdebindings-perlqt, kdebindings-qtruby, kdebindings-qyoto, kdebindings-smokegen, kdebindings-smokekde, kdebindings-smokeqt, kdebase-konq-plugins, kde-wallpapers, libkface, libkmap
  • kdeedu-libkdeedu and kdeedu-data both are replaced by libkdeedu
  • kdeaccessibility-colorschemes is replaced by kdeartwork-colorschemes
  • kdeaccessibility-iconthemes is replaced by kdeartwork-iconthemes

Broken packages which are not part of KDE SC